Corolla Outback Adventures, Ltd. reserves the right to cancel or discontinue any tour. cancelations due to weather will be rescheduled subject to availability, unless more than half the tour Is completed, in which case the tour will be considered fully earned. Adults 18 and over please sign!

We do hereby fully and forever release. discharge and hold harmless, Corolla Outback adventures Ltd.. its agents, owners and employees from any and all claims for personal proper damage. personal injury or death that may arise from my participation In any tour using any vehicles furnished by Corolla Outback Adventures, Ltd. It's owners, tour guide drivers and agent.

Full Signature of an passengers over 18:

Rider Name cdsc

rider1 fvvfdvd

rider2 vbfdsfb

rider3 bdfbdfb

rider4 bfdbdfb

rider5 bdfsbdfb

rider6 bdfsb








Reservation Number :  248

Signature Date 04/25/2016

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