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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Commitment.

Corolla Outback is committed to providing a safe and fun experience to all of our guests. Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions.

If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to call us.


We caution our guests with chronic neck or back issues to consult with your physician before taking this tour. The ride is a 30-mile round-trip and is completely off-road. By nature, this can be a bumpy ride, and this can be exacerbated due to ever-changing beach and tide conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

During the wintertime, we depart daily at 10:30 and 1:00. Spring and Fall, we add a 3:30, and summer we add a 8:00 AM and a 6:00 PM tour.

We strongly recommend advance reservations in the summertime. In the off-season (Sept-May) there may not be a reservationist onsite and will require a reservation to be made online or over the phone. We strongly advise that you do since there are many times when we sell-out a week or two weeks in advance. The earlier you book means you will have the greatest selection of tours and times available.

Due to North Carolina state law, we cannot allow passengers under 5 years of age, or those who weigh under 45 pounds to join us.

Please notify us at least 48 hours ahead of time if there has been a change to your plans.

There is no A/C available on tours. While this depends on the season, you’ll want to wear what you would be most comfortable in the hot or cold.

Most days, it makes little difference. We see horses throughout the day, and it revolves around what other activities folks have planned, and how far away their next activity is. Hardcore photographers prefer the early and late tours. Again, we have shade tops on the vehicles, and there are a few seats that are air conditioned (based on availability).

For shuttles, special events, or private tours this is a possibility. For the average tour however, we generally have riders meet us at our location.

Well, this depends on the rain. If it’s a little sprinkle and no one is going to melt, then we will continue the tour. Downpours and/or thunderstorms are a no- go. We will cancel. (See cancellation policy above).

Yes. There are restrooms located near the halfway point of the tour, at a local park.

Similar to a restaurant, we encourage you to tip your tour guide.

Our vehicles can hold up to 12 passengers at a time.

Yes, food is allowed along the tour. However, feeding the horses is strictly prohibited, as is littering of any kind.

We welcome pregnant women to join our tours. However, please consider the following information before making a decision. The tour involves a 30-mile round-trip and the terrain can be bumpy at times. It’s important to note that there is limited access to emergency medical services along the route.

For your safety and peace of mind, we strongly recommend consulting with your doctor to determine if participating in the tour is appropriate for you during your pregnancy.

At our little shack located at: 1148 Ocean Trail, Corolla, NC 27927

Yes. We offer private tours starting at $550 per vehicle.