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Guided Tours

Two-Hour Guided Wild Horse Tours

Our wild horse tour features a unique and memorable two-hour round-trip North toward Carova Beach and False Cape State Park near the Virginia – North Carolina border. Stumps rising from the sand along the ocean bare silent witness to the early existence of an ancient maritime forest. Picturesque scenery and unscheduled appearances of wildlife offer many photo opportunities.

Along the way, the horses are sometimes seen walking along the beach and even playing in the surf! We are very fortunate to have private access into the Wild Horse Conservation Easement, situated on secluded land our family donated for additional habitat area for the Colonial Spanish Mustangs.

We caution our guests with chronic neck or back issues to consult with your physician before taking this tour. The ride is a 30-mile round-trip and is completely off-road. By nature, this can be a bumpy ride, and this can be exacerbated due to ever-changing beach and tide conditions.

Tour Times

8:00 AM

Off-Season Hours May Vary

3:30 PM

We offer a discount for military, active duty, and adult dependents.
Please call for your reservation.


Discount Codes & Policy:

Active Duty or Retired Military and Adult Dependents: military-01

Senior Citizens Age 65 and Older: senior-01

AAA Member: AAA-01

K-Club: k-club-01


Guests who book using a discount code will be expected to provide proof of qualification for discounts at the time of check-in. Military personnel must show a valid military ID, seniors 65 and older should provide a valid ID if necessary, and AAA discounts must present their membership card upon check-in. K-Club members must bring their voucher. Failure to provide the appropriate verification will result in additional charges upon check-in.